Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Zoya Natural Collection for Spring 2014

Hope everyone had a good week so far.  We've dealing with snow and more snow since Saturday.

 Today, I have the newest Zoya Collection for Spring 2014, the Natural Collection.  The colors in this collection are very soft, feminine, neutral colors for a very natural look.  I adored all of them, some more than others.  Let's take a look at these beauties.

Zoya Chantel is described as a "french, vanilla creme".  Chantel is a light creamy warm almond creme. For such a light color, it has wonderful opacity and only needed two coats for full coverage.
Zoya Chantel
Zoya Taylor is described as a "a light toffee cream".  Taylor looks like it's about one shade darker than Chantel.  It's along the same color family as Chantel.  Taylor also was an easy two coater.
Zoya Taylor
Since, Chantel and Taylor are so close in color, I have a side by side comparison here.  Chantel is on the index and ring fingers and Taylor is on the middle and pinky fingers.
Zoya Chantel (index, ring) and Zoya Taylor (middle, pinky)
Zoya Rue is described as a "boudoir blush creme".  Rue is a beautiful, dusty, yet girly, light soft rose creme.  Rue applies slightly sheer at first and builds up nicely after three coats.  I'd have to say that this is my FAVORITE from this collection.
Zoya Rue
Zoya Bridgette is described as a "bombshell mauve cream".  Bridgette is a pretty rose-toned dusty mauve creme.  Bridgette also needed three thin coats for full opacity.
Zoya Bridgette
Zoya Odette is described as a "sultry orchid maroon cream".  Odette is a deep orchid toned mauve creme.  Here are three thin easy coats of Odette.
Zoya Odette
Zoya Normani is described as a "sable mauve creme".  Normani is a deep, greyed out sable mauve.  Normani applied beautifully with two easy coats.  Although, this color is a part of a "spring" line, Normani is an excellent color for winter, too.  This is my second FAVORITE from this collection.
Zoya Normani
The colors from the Zoya Natural Collection for Spring 2014 is now available here for $9.00 each or $54.00 for the entire collection.

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